The Artist

Highly creative, passionate, and dexterous, Loren Valle is a self-taught fine artist who aims to stimulate and empower others through her impressive work. She has an extensive background in art and loves to not only express herself through artistic freedom, but to offer viewers the ability to experience different perspectives that foster personal growth and deeply inspire.

Loren is a Filipina-American based in Florida and learned at a young age just how important art was in the world. She discovered that there really is nothing quite like the elegance and soothing euphoric atmosphere created when fine art is present. Whether you are looking to compliment your home, enrich the appeal of a special event, or simply self-reflect, art is there to fulfill that desire.

Dating back to her earliest memories of preschool, Loren found immense joy cutting through curved lines of paper and drawing the differences between a plant cell and an animal cell in zoology class. Though she already had that natural artistic eye, her first official gig as an artist was submitting illustrations to be used in her university’s campus paper. Since then to now, Loren has been ever-evolving in her skills, going from taking portrait commissions of people and pets using pens and colored pencils, to now painting anything that piques her interest using oil paints. Even with this exceptional development, Loren still continuously experiments and pushes herself to reach new development levels in her craft.

Nothing makes Loren happier than being able to galvanize, spark curiosity, and cultivate appreciation from others with her alluring pieces. She has a true ardency for what she does, and enjoys being able to share her ingenious visions to make a lasting impact on society. From oil paintings, pencil drawings, to pen drawings, Loren delivers memorable fine art that encourages both new and experienced artists to reach their full potential as well.

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Though she sees the beauty in everything, what Loren is truly drawn to is the mundane things in life; the things that go unnoticed and are often overlooked. Cracks on the side of a building, loose screws in a bathroom wall, cattle grazing on the side of a farm road. She keeps her mind open to these elements, allowing for spontaneous inspirations to flow in as they arise to develop amazing art from it.




  • Shuttle pens

  • Faber-Castell pencils

  • Uni-ball signo pens

  • Sakura Pigma Micron Pens

  • Prismacolor colored pencils

  • Strathmore 400 Series Toned Sketch Paper Pad

  • Krylon Kamar Varnish

  • Gamblin 1980 oil colors

  • Gamblin artist’s oil colors

  • Winsor & Newton artisan water mixable oil colours

  • Winsor & Newton Winton oil paints

  • Artist’s loft gallery wrapped heavy duty canvas

  • Gamblin Gamvar gloss